Fashion: Tina Lilienthal jewellery

Have you ever been to the mahoosive Paperchase on Tottenham Court Road? It’s pretty much the mecca of stationery and make my purse have palpitations as soon as I get near it. I was mooching around there one lunch break, browsing their amazing sale when I went to the second floor where the coffee shop is. It turns out that that floor is where the premium, fancy stock is kept and my magpie eye was drawn instantly to the jewellery of Tina Lilienthal

Now I normally write about things to do on a budget, but for this range I’m making an exception. I didn’t buy anything sadly, but it is beautiful!

A mix of neon, skulls and matte black, it’s pretty much everything I look for in my accessories. This necklace with antlers is bizarre and fabulous:

Some of my other favourites include:

I’d better start saving! Let me know where you buy jewellery that’s a bit different from the norm.

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