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Hidden down a little street in Mayfair is a queue of people. To get a table at Burger and Lobster you have to time your arrival perfectly. As another one of London’s new ‘no reservation’ restaurants (like Pitt Cue Co), the place has an air of exclusivity to it. It’s not a case of waiting months for a reservation, the only way to get a table is to turn up and hope for the best. I arrived at about 5.45 and got my name on the waiting list for a table for 3. It took just over an hour for us to get seated, but that’s nothing. Parties arriving at 6.30 were being told they’d have at least a 2.5 hour wait. But people waited!


This is the Ronseal of restaurants; it does exactly what it says on the tin. The name of restaurant hides behind nothing. That IS the menu. Waiting staff patiently reel it from memory and let you make your choice:


Whole lobster (of varying sizes and prices) – pre-cracked so it’s easy to eat

Lobster roll – in brioche bun with Italian mayonnaise

Beef burger – some fancy corn fed thing, with bacon and/or cheese, again in a brioche bun


You’d think it’d be simple deciding, but what if you choose the wrong one?! I felt I should go for lobster as it’s not very often I go to restaurants that serve it, but to be honest, I just don’t like it that much and I couldn’t turn down a big fat burger.



I didn’t regret my choice. This was a BEAST of a burger and it was so so good! Cooked exactly how I like it, with the crunchiest, saltiest fries and a leafy parmesan salad on the side, you instantly forgave the ridiculous queues to get in and understand why London loves this place. This is simple but good quality food. Everything on the menu is the same price of £20 (unless you order a bigger lobster), so you know what you’re getting yourself into.


It seems a little biased towards those who can afford to not be at work at 3pm on a Tuesday when you inevitably won’t have to queue (everyone who was leaving as I arrived had a Hermes or Chanel handbag – exhibit A!), but then it’s Mayfair – what can you expect? The staff however were down to earth, the food was great, and I’d definitely go again. It makes my lunch look pathetic now…


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