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There are so many places to eat in London that it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. The pressure is on to find the next amazing place that’s hidden down a seemingly skanky side street that serves homemade, organic, fresh food that’s been in the family recipe book for that last century. I feel guilty going to Pizza Express or Nando’s all the time (although not guilty enough to stop) when there are inevitably better restaurants that aren’t part of a generic chain found around the country.

The Wahaca menu

But I’ve found a compromise. Wahaca is a chain, but at present can only be found in London. It’s big enough to be known by everyone, but is small enough to be ignored by people who aren’t brave enough to give it a try. I’ve been promising myself I’d write a post on this place for months as it’s a regular haunt of mine – the new go-to favourite for me and the Bloke, and a safe bet for taking visiting friends from out of town. So finally here it is!


Wahaca was set up by previous winner of MasterChef Thomasina Miers and serves up Mexican delicacies. They offer a range of mains, but we always settle for the street food – small dishes to share, in the same was as tapas.




You get to choose between tostadas, quesadillas, tortillas and taquitos as well as other sides and extras. Have as many as you like, fill up the table and order more if necessary! It all has a relaxed and informal feel – leaning over and sharing, eating with your hands, stacking up plates.


Having been to both the Soho and Covent Garden branches I’ve now got my favourite dishes down to a fine art: chicken taquito, chorizo and potato quesadillas, and pulled pork tacos with a side of sweet potatoes, or refried beans with cheese. Oh and the chicken wings. And churros for dessert, obviously. All have different tastes, textures and ways of being eaten. By the end I’m full up, dirty and tempted to order more.



And being a Mexican restaurant, Wahaca provides a massive array of tequilas to try if you’re feeling like making a night of it! The Mexican theme isn’t caricatured, you won’t find miserable waiters in sombreros. The only thing it wants to be authentic is the food which is refreshing and much less headache inducing. The small touches like the book of chilli seeds given with your bill instead of a book of matches makes you smile and take the food with you.


Visit Wahaca in 6 locations across the city.

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