Explore: Hunt for the Dark Knight

There’s a masked vigilante on the loose in Gotham. You may have heard about him, he’s been the star of a few million dollar movies, has had brief appearances in a few hundred comics, and I’ve seen him on the odd lunchbox, t-shirt and rucksack over the last few years. And now, Batman is making his mark across the world, down tiny alleys and streets. If you didn’t know he was there, you’d never notice him, but I went looking last night and found his mark in London.

This tiny little chalk mark on a wall on Ramillies Place off Oxford Circus is one of over 150 hidden tags to be found worldwide. Once they’re found, people are asked to help Gotham Police Force by tweeting the tag along with its location and the tag #tdkr07202012. The full list of clues can be found on www.thedarkknightrises.com, but if you’re in the UK this is where you can find them:

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