Fashion: An iPhone Case a Day…

I’ve finally ditched the Android party and joined the iPhone brigade. I don’t have a preference over the technical workings of the phones, I just wanted to give the iPhone a go. But iPhones make their owners inherently vain because it’s so easy to ‘pimp’ your handset. I’ve started looking for a case for mine, but I can’t choose just one!

Do I go for style or geek?


Aztec design £11.04 from Fundakcases
Beaded design £64.30 from Shopbop
Customised Instagram case £22.11 from Casetagram
Studded case £10.38 from Shining Gift
Totem design case £22.15 from Society 6
William Morris case £12.99 from Decorative Designs


Robots case £22.15 from Society 6
TARDIS case £9.74 from Keep Calm Case On
Sherlock wallpaper case £24.72 from Redbubble
Hogwarts uniform case £24.72 from Redbubble
Marauder’s Map case £24.72 from Redbubble
Sherlock ‘3 patch problem’ £25.54 from Redbubble (and designed by my little sister!)

So how many cases do you have? Pretty tempted to just buy all my favourites and alternate every fortnight!