Shopping: Sparkle sparkle skirt

I know metallics are a thing of Autumn/Winter past (I hardly took off my gold H&M jumper when the cold weather took over!), but I still love them. There’s something forever festive in gold and silver and you can’t beat them for making an outfit feel that little bit special. My thighs are terrified of the disco pant trend at the moment, so the most sparkle I can brave right now is this new eBay beauty.

Oh I love it so. I love midi skirts as I’m 5ft 9″ and normally any skirt or dress I try on is far too short for me and I have to rely on leggings, so these are perfect. I’m not really one to strictly follow fashion trends, but this is my take on the pleated skirts that are taking over the high street at the moment. What do you think of keeping some sparkle over Summer?

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