DIY: A New Use for a CD Rack

I’ve come to the realisation that I have too much stuff. It’s not a recent realisation, I’ve known it for years. So moving house is always a bit of a challenge: both moving the actual items and finding somewhere new to hide them so my room doesn’t look like a bomb site. 

Being in the rental market means I still don’t have the room for my full DVD and CD collection, so this CD rack has become a bit useless, so my mum had a great idea to create some extra cosmetics storage for my new place.

All you need is a handy stepdad with his own saw and hey presto!

In the bottom I have a really cute vanity case that used to belong to my mum, and I bought two wooden baskets from Dunelm Mill for £6.99 each for the other two spaces. 

Simple DIY for more storage! What do you think?