Explore: Animals Inside Out at Natural History Museum

PLEASE DON’T READ THIS POST IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH OR VEGETARIAN! Please also note that no animals were harmed for this exhibition. 

No, really. Take notice of the words above. I showed a friend of mine the pics from this and she had to look away. This exhibition really is what it suggests. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

The German scientist Dr von Hagens invented ‘plastination’, a way that extracts all water and fatty tissue from a specimen and replaces them with polymers in a vacuum. It’s a process that prevents decay and preserves the structure of the internal organs so they can be displayed.  

This exhibition is morbidly fascinating. I’m not particularly squeamish, and a lot of the time it was hard to believe that what you were seeing in front of you was actually a real animal as it was so perfectly preserved. The sheer size of the bull, elephant and giraffe with their, frankly, bloody huge internal organs was mind boggling, I couldn’t help but stare and try and make sense of it in my head. 

The most bizarre thing was a horse’s head sectioned in 3. I was amazed at how small a horse’s brain is, considering it’s head is so large. But this was the only one that made me feel a bit queasy, as you could see the whiskers and hairs on the head so closely that you knew it had to be real.

This exhibition is an amazing spectacle. People must remember that it’s not done to show off human beings’ supremacy over the animal kingdom by merely ‘chopping’ them up. This is a feat of science and a intricate biology lesson that we can all learn from. If anything it makes you appreciate the species even more when you see how powerful and strange they are.

Animals Inside Out at the Natural History Museum is on until September, and tickets start from £5.

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