Tech: Flash and Snap

I’m always so envious of people who have the tech (and skill) to take great photos. I’m fed up of spending money of crappy digital cameras that don’t focus properly, can’t deal with poor light and break at the drop of a hat. I’m too scared (and poor) to get a proper SLR, but felt it was time to upgrade to something a bit fancier so that whoever is reading this blog (I’m sure you’re out there somewhere!) can have some higher quality pics to look at when you visit my little site. 

This is a Canon Powershot SX150 IS and is down to half price at Argos at the moment. I’m really amazed at this bargain, and my photographer guru Ms O has said it is well worth the money, so I’m trusting her professional opinion. The obvious irony of taking a photo of my new camera is that I’ve had to use my iPhone camera! If anyone has any tips for taking great photos out and about I’d love to know.