Beauty: Attempting Marble Nail Art

I’ve been watching YouTube tutorials and looking at Pinterest pictures of marble nail art for a while now, and well, it looked like a piece of cake. I settled down with my housemate the other night and decided to give it a go as it didn’t looks to difficult. So we settled down surrounded by nail varnishes and with cheese and sparkly Marmite to keep us going.

Assuming it wouldn’t be too hard was either stupid or the makers of the videos lied because it took us about two hours to get it finished, and this is the best we could do!

Step 1: Paint a pale undercoat and let them dry fully

Step 2: Put tape around each finger to stop any nail varnish getting over your hand (well, that’s the aim of it anyway!)

Step 3: Drip a drop of each colour, starting with the lightest ones into a bowl of cold water. The quickest way is to tip the nail varnish straight out of the bottle (which we only discovered at the very end!)

Step 3: Drag the tip of a cocktail stick very lightly over the colours so that they create a swirling marble pattern in the water

Step 4: Place you taped up nail in the middle of the pattern and leave for 10 seconds

Step 5: Gather the rest of nail varnish in the water with the cocktail stick and remove it. It turns into a kind of film so it’s easy to get rid of

Step 6: Remove your nail and remove the tape from around it. Hopefully a pattern will be printed!

After they are all done you might just need to tidy up around the edges with a cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover. Or, if you’re me, clean your whole hand. Turns out this isn’t the tidiest nail art!

And this was the outcome!

Have you tried this before? If you have any tips on how to make it easier or to get a consistent pattern I’d love to know!