Beauty: Saks Hairdressing Training Academy

I have the most ridiculous hair. It’s most definitely not straight, it’s more than wavy, and there’s no way it’s afro. I’m half British, half Jamaican, and as a result I have these gravity defying curls that love nothing better than to be frizzy and try to escape from my head. It also means that getting a haircut is as terrifying for me as visiting the dentist is for others.

Cut too much off and it bounces right on up, not enough and it pulls itself down. If it’s cut the same length the whole way around I risk looking like a mushroom, and let’s face it, that’s not a great look. Since moving to London I haven’t found a hairdresser I can trust, but I keep going back to Saks Academy in Covent Garden.

It’s one of the top hairdresser schools in the country, the trainees are almost fully qualified and are supervised entirely by some of the best hairdressers around. I’ve now been 4 times and I have never been disappointed. 

Here’s the before and after:

I’ve been given an undercut! And a side parting! It’s amazing! It’s made me re-love my hair, and the best bit? It only cost £10. Such a massive bargain. Of course that means it gets busy weeks in advance, so be prepared to have to go during the week. They also do beauty treatments which I haven’t tried yet, but I’m definitely going to book into something soon!