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I do tend to drag my birthday out for as long as I can, it seems a shame that all the fun is over in one day and there’s nothing to look forward to until Christmas! I celebrated with my friends with a visit to the cocktail bar Callooh Callay in Shoreditch, which I’ve read a ton of reviews about and was really excited to head there.


Of course Saturday nights in Shoreditch are always ridiculously busy, and when we arrived we were led through a jam-packed bar to a large wardrobe door. Amazingly we then walked THROUGH the looking glass and into a reservation only area with extravagant mirrors, melting clocks and vintage decanters on the table.



We picked from the extravagant and bizarre cocktail menu which was presented in a cassette tape case called ‘Now That’s What I Call Cocktails’. I had more than a few Hell in a Highballs which were beyond delicious, and even the Marmageddon which included, you guessed it, Marmite!



Being hidden behind the secret door meant we weren’t pummeled in the crowds,we could chat and eat all the delicious mini burgers we could get our hands on. I had a great night and am desperate to see what the VIP Jubjub bar looks like!



Callooh Callay is on Rivington Street, E1 and takes reservations on their website.


See what I wore to Callooh Callay here.


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