Fashion: Parka and Boots

My favourite outerwear pairing at the moment is this big ol’ parka, and some chunky boots that are just right for stomping through the city.

It’s not exactly a Winter Warmer, but my Uniqlo parka is perfect for throwing on over big chunky jumpers and layering with a scarf. It’s a couple of sizes too big for exactly that reason. And when I put up the hood I look like a scary ‘yoof’, but hey it shields me from the horizontal rain London seems to be getting recently, so it doesn’t matter if I can’t see what’s coming towards me. Much…

I got these square toe leather boots from Hoy Boutiue at ASOS Marketplace. I’ve been looking for something with a chunky heel for what seems like forever and these are my new favourite boots. I wear them with skirts, jeans, dresses – they go with literally everything. I left them at my parents’ house last week and I’ve been lost without them!

I’m actually enjoying the crap weather so I can wear these two!


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