Purse Palpitations Week #8

Oh the shops are full of such goodies right now. It hurts me that I can’t afford to splurge on all of these! I’d better start writing to Santa!

OK, they look like Noel Fielding’s gone crazy in the glitter aisle, but oh they are so pretty. Opaque tights and a big statement necklace are needed with these.
ASOS £45
Really want these adorable elbow patches to sew onto a plain grey jumper.
eBay £4.99
Looking at this blazer actually physically hurts me. I want to dress in the reject material from Mary Poppins’ handbag!
River Island £35
Two months in to living in my new flat and there’s still a big space above our lounge mantlepiece that’s driving me crazy with its emptiness. How about this?
AmandaCatherineDes on Etsy £9.63