Life: New Year Resolutions

So tomorrow is 2013! I don’t actually make resolutions most years, but I can see why people do. The human brain needs a firm starting point to begin their attempt at anything, whether it’s a Monday or the 1st of the month, or the first day of the year. And the 1st of January is the big one really, with the whole world promising themselves that this is the year they are going to get thinner/richer/find the love of their lives/start a new career. And some achieve it! And why shouldn’t I be one of them? I’ve tried to think of realistic goals for 2013, so here they are:

1) Get out of work by 6.30pm at least twice a week

I started my current job in March 2012, and I love it. It challenges me in many different ways, and I get to use my creativity and logical mind every day in something new. I’ve met loads of fantastic people (including some brilliant bloggers), and been to some exciting places – it really is a great job. However, it’s hardcore. I often work until 10pm+, and it is a rare sight to get out at the proper time of 5.30pm. Realistically, twice a week I’d like to stay only an hour late. I really hope I can do this!

The big highlight of my job this year was getting to go to Bestival and meet lots of fabulous bloggers including Alex Loves (pictured) and Pink Julep (who took this photo).

2) Blog more

I love this little blog haven that belongs all to me. It’s not much to look at, but I find writing it very therapeutic and it’s fun to share my thoughts and opinions to an unknown mystery audience. I’m not out to become a famous full-time blogger, I just want to make sure that I set aside more time to blog for ME; to enjoy the process of writing, and experiment with my content over 2013.

I love writing about the places I’ve been and the things I see, like when I went to pay my respects at Douglas Adams’ grave in Highgate Cemetery.

3) Save money

OK, so this one is definitely a cliche. But I’m actually a pretty good saver, and rather thrifty in all walks of life. I did have a decent amount of savings but as ever it went towards the deposit on my new flat, and I was selfish and spent the deposit from my last place on a holiday. So now I’m basically back to zero. It’s for my own peace of mind and future security blanket that I need to ramp up saving again. But the aim is to carry on living life to the full, just on a budget, which is after all what this blog is all about!

2012 saw me moving in with one of my best friends. This photo was taken on moving day: daquiris and Bridget Jones to celebrate!

4) Eat more fruit and vegetables

I’m not dieting, I like my food too much for that. However, I do want to attempt at eating my 5 fruit and veg a day. I have adult acne, and I know a better diet will help clear that up, as well as improve my health overall, so it’s definitely worth giving it a go. Oh, I’ll still be loading up on cake every now and then, but hopefully by changing my everyday habits I’ll be in a better frame of mind for the future.

Maybe not less of these, just more green stuff!

What are your New Year resolutions? I’ll update how I’m getting on here on Shopped and Dropped later in the year!


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