A Delivery from Matches

A lot of people (myself included) shop online but say that it’ll never really give the enjoyment that actually rummaging in the rails gives. Digging around to find a bargain, being able to try something on, and most importantly getting the item straight away without having to way 3-5 days is all very appealing. But you know what? If every online retailer provided the experience Matches do, my fling with online shopping would turn into a full blown love affair.

After spotting a bargain JW Anderson t-shirt in their sale (thanks to WIWT’s Lust List), I made my first purchase on Matches on a lazy Sunday night’s browsing. By Tuesday it had arrived, and I was confused by the size of the box considering I’d only bought one small item. Inside wasn’t a delivery, it was a present, something that somebody had lovingly crafted and designed to make my purchase special. I’m a complete pushover for fancy storage and nice boxes, and so this is completely up my street. How beautiful is this?





I was so excited to reveal each layer of the perfectly wrapped box, I almost forgot that my amazing bargain was actually in there too!

And here’s a hint of what my top looks like. I’m sure it’ll appear in a post soon!


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