I Drink Tea Now

I always consider myself a disappointing British person when I turn down a cup of tea.
“Coffee then?”
“No thanks, I don’t like either.”
Considering my family, boyfriend, and housemate all base their day around when their next brew will be, I don’t know why I’ve never taken to it.

In an attempt to be healthier at the end of last year (I refuse to use the word ‘detox’ as I like calories far too much for that), I tried out green tea. Antioxidants and all that. But it turns out that green tea has more caffeine in it that regular builders tea, and now I can’t spend a morning without it. It’s taken me on a natural progression to ‘real’ tea, and you know what? It’s not actually that bad.

I get the ceremony of it now: the teapots, the favourite mug, the biscuits on the side (who am I kidding, that’s definitely the best bit!).

Are you a tea fanatic? Can you function without caffeine in the mornings?
(This post isn’t sponsored by Twinings, we just happen to have a lot of their tea in our flat!)