& Other Stories

From the parent company of H&M and Cos comes the new Regent St flagship branch of & Other Stories. Following on from the recent influx of Swedish fashion brands taking over central London (Monki and Cheap Monday being only a year old or so on Carnaby Street), & Other Stories doesn’t focus on what is ‘in fashion’ right now, but rather on textures, shapes and colours.

Some of the clothes are designed by ex-creatives of Acne and other high end brands, bringing a hint of luxury to those who can’t afford it otherwise. People like me! The layout and merchandising of the store is inspired. Clothes in cages, pictures on the wall showing designers’ inspiration, suggestions of shoes and accessories dotted around encouraging you to pick them up and contemplate what they could go with.

I loved the design of their ‘The Balm’ cosmetics range too, and their make-up is clean, shiny and quirky. I got a free lipstick for queueing for so long, it’s a really strong shade of red so I’m sure you’ll see it on Shopped & Dropped soon!

& Other Stories is open now at 256 – 258 Regent Street, but you can also shop online at www.stories.com