How to Prepare for a Long Journey

Last bank holiday I went up to Scotland with my housemate Ashleigh to visit her family and to have a bit of an explore. I hadn’t been there for about ten years, and bought far too much in the shopping areas!

However, what with us both being skint, we didn’t get the train up there, we instead got a TEN HOUR COACH. Bleurgh. It’s only £12, but we left at 1am to arrive at 11.25am. I’m sure most people would just sleep, however unlike Ashleigh who can sleep literally anywhere, I will spent most of the journey awake, just because I wasn’t in a bed. Here’s my must-haves to pack for a long journey:

The view from our coach on the way up to Scotland from London
  • Blow-up pillow: Because I’m not going to be comfortable through default
  • Slanket: Because it’s a blanket with sleeves and has a pocket at the front to keep my phone in so I don’t drop it in someone’s old chewing gum
  • Fully charged electronics: Phone, tablet, games console, mp3 player, kindle, or all of the above. It’s the 21st century, but I am definitely not adverse to car games too.
  • Big bottle of water: Air conditioned coaches with too few pit stops. 
  • Far too many snacks: Eating through boredom is a possibility, but also were you not listening? We’re travelling for 10 hours. A girl needs breakfast.
  • Easily removed shoes: I’ll end up attempting to curl all of my 5ft 10″ gangly frame into the tiniest spot possible, and shoes aren’t happening.
  • Anything but jeans: Same reasons as above. If I go in my standard skinny jeans I will have cut off all circulation to my legs within the first hour.
  • Tissues: Coach toilets. Urgh. Add hand sanitiser too.

But obviously the worst bit about going away is the outfit planning. I can only do it like this:

What are your must-haves for travelling?


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