Liberty Cosmetics Department

I think the most under appreciated department store in London is Liberty. It’s beautiful black and white exterior sits gracefully behind Regent Street, nestled right by Carnaby Street and the rooms weave in and out of each other so that you can get happily lost for hours.

As somebody who doesn’t have the budget most of the time to buy the luxury designer items they have for sale, I love browsing the food and stationery sections for quirky gifts and general pointless crap that I don’t need. Who doesn’t want a tape dispenser shaped like a cassette tape?!

On my last trip to Liberty I spent a bit more time moseying around the cosmetics section, and aside from the standard and luxury ranges concessions, there’s also some products that I’ve never seen anywhere else, and which I’d love to have lined up in my bathroom. I’m a sucker for good packaging (see my Pinterest board on it here), which one of these do you like?


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