Florals and Breton Stripes

This is it. I’ve found the perfect summer jacket. It’s light and floral and just so pretty! I’ve been throwing it over every outfit recently, even those I have to wear an actual coat as well at the moment.

Jacket: Zara (can’t find the link, but it’s recent!)
Dress: Uniqlo
(Extremely dirty) High tops: Primark

I can’t quite put my finger on why it goes so well with this breton stripe t-shirt dress, maybe it’s the blue in both. Regardless, I am a happy camper in this pairing. This whole outfit is so comfortable. I wore it to wander around Reading at the weekend while visiting for a friend’s birthday. I’ve never been there before and I couldn’t believe how quiet it was! I’m obviously now used to London always being stupidly busy.

Bright patterns, bright jewellery, bright lipstick and nails. Little additions to keep this casual outfit fun which I love. I’m so guilty of finding the right accessory at the bottom of a box of randoms proving that it’s always worth having a rummage to find the perfect final touch.


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