Inhibitif Hair-Free Serum

If you haven’t seen an advert for Inhibitif, you must have been walking around with your eyes closed. It’s been on the front of the Metro, on billboards on the tube, and displayed on website adverts. Well, they certainly know where their audience hang out, because by the time I saw it for the bazillionth time I was convinced. This is a miracle cure. This will save me from body hair woes for the rest of my days.

Well. That’s the hope anyway. The serum is supposed to dramatically reduce the appearance of body hair, making it finer and eventually almost invisible. I’m chomping at the bit to start trying this! I love Summer, but it is the bane of my days having to shave under my arms. Doing it so frequently makes my skin irritable and sore which is just as unattractive as leaving them au natural (that’s my personal opinion, I have nothing against people who grow their body hair – I’m an Amanda Palmer fan after all!).

For £30 (exclusively at Boots) it’s not cheap, but it’s worth a go. I’ll report back here in a few months to see if it’s living up to the hype.