Do Vitamin Supplements Work?

We’re all guilty of doing what we can, with whatever products we can get our hands on, to make us look brighter, younger and prettier. Blusher for a healthy glow, white eyeliner for wider eyes, dry body brushing to within an inch of my life to shift the very determined cellulite. It all happens on the outside. 

I wouldn’t say I am one for homeopathic remedies, but I do believe in the power of natural ingredients to some extent. I have used Lush products since I was 16, and I worked there for a few years too so I’m the woman to tell you that seaweed is moisturising, calamine is soothing and jasmine can get you in the mood. Yep.

I recently bought two vitamin supplements. I’ve been taking cranberry tablets on and off for the last 8 years, and believe that they really do help keep the female urinary system healthy (ask any girl that’s ever had cystitis what she’s taken for it, and she’ll swear by cranberry juice by the gallon). When I went to buy them the other week I was completely taken in by another supplement called HRI. It contains burdock root, blue flag (whatever that is!), and sarsaparilla, and is labeled as ‘Clear Complexion Tablets‘. I have scars and breakouts from adult acne and frankly I’m willing to try anything to get clear skin.

Vitamin supplements seem to be common place now. My mum has been leaving a Bassetts Soft & Chewy Vitamin next to my little sister’s morning Marmite on toast for as long as I can remember, and taking Evening Primrose Oil herself. My housemate swears by Magnesium for period pains, and another friend refuses to have any cold and flu remedies and will only take Echinacea if she is ill. I’ve searched for information online as to whether there is tangible proof or if we’re all victims of the placebo effect, but nothing ever seems conclusive. 

What do you think about vitamin supplements? Do you take any?