How to Wear a White Skirt

I picked up this white A-line months ago at a designer sample sale. It’s by Theory, who I’d never heard of before and didn’t realise how high the quality was until I asked my mum to take it in for me as it was a bit big and the stitching blew her mind (she managed it like a pro though, obviously!).

Skirt: Theory (sample sale)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

I’ve found it so hard to wear this though. I think it’s because I’m not used to wearing a lighter colour on the bottom so it makes it look so bright whatever I pair it with. I’ve tried patterned tees, blouses and bright colours but I’m just not comfortable with it yet. So I stopped being so picky and just went for plain black and hallejuah, a combo was found.

Shirt: ASOS £25
Necklace: Topshop

I got this sleeveless shirt from ASOS and my housemate commented that it is ‘very grown up’. I did in fact where this outfit to work for client meetings so I guess with great responsibility comes great fashion, right?! 

Do you struggle to wear white? How do you think I should wear this skirt?


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