Life: May 2013

Just hanging with Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of Sherlock (fan girl doesn’t even cover it)
Just hanging with Bene….oh wait. No, that’s actually an otter.
The best cake I’ve ever made: Blackberry and soured cream (adapted from this recipe)
Drinks for a friend’s birthday in my new Zara skirt

I found the world’s most sour sweets in Reading
Indian food at its best at Dishoom in Covent Garden
The view from Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath
Running in the rain

Outside 221b before they started filming Sherlock
Clear blue skies in Devon
Sunshine means ICE CREAM VAN!
Butterfly chrysalis – beautiful and amazing

The Baker Street sign goes up on the Sherlock set
Found Herbie the Lovebug in Devon!
That’s my proud aunt face. Aren’t my niece and nephew the cutest?
If you ever want to eat more food than your stomach is built for, try Il Bordello in Wapping. That ‘side salad’ is enough for 4 people.