Make-up Bag Musts

 I don’t know that much about beauty products. I do love reading beauty blogs to get tips and tricks, but getting to 24 means I do have some essential products of my own that I can’t go a day without. My make-up bag is guilty of having some inevitable crap in it, but this post will highlight the ones that are always sat at the top.

MAC Studio Fix foundation

I have scars from adult acne and a touch of rosacea and was struggling to find a foundation that wasn’t too heavy. Having combination skin, I need something that doesn’t make my skin look flaky, but also doesn’t slide off my oily face either. I swear, I almost kissed the woman in MAC when she put this on me. I’ve never had a foundation give me such even coverage, and if there was one piece of make-up I wouldn’t be without, it’s this.

Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer Shade 02

This is in the skincare section of the store, not the make-up counter. It does what tea tree oil is famous for: it soothes my red flared spots and helps reduce them over time. It’s really soft and blends in really well, even though it only comes in two shades. It also lasts forever!

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

The newest addition to my make-up bag, this has taken over from Benefit’s Bad Gal (which I still love in Plum) to be the best mascara I’ve ever tried. This has actually made people comment on how good my lashes look, which isn’t the most obvious of compliments people tend to pay! Two coats of this and I feel like I’ve got fake lashes, without the hassle of glue or ruining my real eyelashes. Seriously impressed.

Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Another favourite from The Body Shop. My eyes are really sensitive so this is perfect. It has the best nib on a liquid eyeliner that I’ve ever used, it’s perfectly pointy but doesn’t feather so I can get the cleanest, finest line without going all Amy Winehouse.

What are the products in your make-up bag that you can’t live without?