Hot Weather on Hampstead Heath

One thing I really love about living in London is how I can walk with no idea of where I’m going, and somehow find myself somewhere amazing. Last weekend I set off in the crazy hot weather with a general aim to head towards Hampstead, having lived nearby for a year but never really going to explore.

We ended up walking past Kenwood House (where there was a conveniently placed ice cream van for heat relief!), around the edge of Hampstead Heath, and into Hampstead itself. The area is so pretty and quaint. It’s quiet but bustling. There are lots of small cafes with outdoor seating and antiques shops who had moved their wares outside where it was marginally cooler than in their small stores. The quintessential English feel was perfectly topped up with bunting but counteracted by the round-the-block queue for a creperie!

We walked through Hampstead and reached the famous Heath where it was over run with sun seekers. Dog walkers were throwing balls, couples drank red wine on plaid blankets, groups of friends did cartwheels and cracked open cider. Everyone was happy, the atmosphere was so jovial it made me laugh! That and watching tens of people going crazy for the coolness of the bathing ponds – all daring each other to be the first to dive in. If I’d have thought it through I would have taken a bikini and gone too. Instead I wore my favourite striped tee from Monki with some vintage high-waisted shorts – possibly a rookie mistake, as it turns out the high-waist was pretty warm!

T-shirt: Monki
Short and belt: Vintage
Sandals: Miss Selfridge
Sunglasses: Miu Miu

Necklace: Accessorize

We made our way home via Parliament Hill where we looked over one of the most famous views in London, watching out over all the notorious London buildings: the Shard, the Gherkin, Canary Wharf and the BT Tower. We could even see the London Eye and St Paul’s Cathedral. And as we headed back down the hill, we came across a bandstand with musicians getting everyone nearby to dance despite the heat. It was infectiously happy; London really is magical in the Summer.

Hope you’ve managed to enjoy the sunshine!


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