Life: June 2013

I can’t believe I haven’t even had time to write this little monthly Instagram round-up. End of June and July so far have been crazy busy at work, and then I took a much needed holiday to Spain. Now I’ve sorted my life out a bit I am going to try my best to blog a bit more frequently! So, June 2013:

Very proud of my Aztec nail art attempt!
My first trip to Meat Liquor. I was so full and SO happy.
My aunt’s beautiful dog. She’s old now and doesn’t like as much fuss.
The penny farthing race at the IG London Nocture

My aunt’s Marmite collection
An aerial view of my hometown of Milton Keynes from a business flight to Scotland
More nail art I’m proud of
The lumberjack breakfast at The Luxe: cinnamon french toast, pancakes, waffles and bacon
A good Friday night in
Sitting ON the stage at The Hothouse starring John Simm
Mr Darcy on Netflix
Revisiting Highgate Cemetery