Avene Thermale Spring Water Spray

Oh, hot weather! We all want it to come and then when it does there’s nothing but complaining. I love it when the sun is out, but there are two things I struggle with: over heating and make-up slipping.

I bought this small 50ml size of Avene Thermale Spring Water Spray on Escentuals for just £2.80. I got it mainly to use as a setting agent for make-up, something I’ve never used before. It is great for fixing my powder based foundation, but I forgot the first time to let my mascara dry before spraying it, giving myself pretty impressive panda eyes! 

I took this on holiday to Spain with me and kept it in my beach bag throughout our time there. It was the most cooling and refreshing thing to use when even a parasol gave no respite for the heat. Just a light most of it over my face was enough. 

The best thing I’ve used this product for though is sunburn. I’ve never had sunburn before and my god I hope I never get it again. I never knew that showering could hurt! When I was lying in bed, the thin sheet I slept under was enough to irritate the sunburn. In desperation I tried the spray and it was a revelation! I cannot recommend it enough for irritated and sore skin and it’s definitely going to be a must-have beauty product to take on any holiday from now on.