Running Shoes

In January I did the opposite of what everyone else was doing and quit my gym as I never had  time to go and £50 a month? Uh, no thanks. 

I’m still trying to do some exercise when I can though, it’s just, I hate it. I’m lazy, I enjoy sitting down. I wouldn’t class myself as a runner; I don’t do it that often and I’m not that good at it, but I’m trying to rectify both of those things. I started off with a baggy tshirt and Converse but it was really uncomfortable and my knees and ankles pretty much hated me. At the same time I didn’t want to invest in pricey sportswear when there’s a high possibility of me giving up to continue my busy work of sitting down. 

After a bit of searching, I found eBay store Peach Sports which sells branded sportswear at a lower cost. I got these Adidas trainers for £27 and they arrived really quickly and actually don’t look too bad! They’re also the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn in my life which actually makes running a lot less painful than usual (although, let’s be honest, it still bloody hurts). 

I haven’t been able to run in such hot weather, but fully intend to start back up again when it’s cooled down a bit. Any motivational tips would be greatly appreciated!