Ripped jeans, black boots

Hooray! Autumn is drawing in! I love the sunshine, but I just can’t dress for it. Jeans and boots are my go-to wardrobe items and I’m so glad I can rely on them again.

These jeans are a really old favourite. The holes in the knees appeared there through sheer love and overwearing and I actually really like them now, despite being disappointed when they first ripped. 
And then there’s the boots. These are my ultimate favourite pair of shoes; good for clomping and stomping. They have a 90s grunge vibe about them and I wear them with pretty much everything from toughening up girly dresses or just to fend off the rain..

Obviously the best thing about the change in seasons is the sales. I got this plain white tee with a navy collar rim in the Hobbs sale, which is basically the only time I can afford any thing from there. Reduced down to £17 it’s the ideal addition to my plain and simple wardrobe upgrade. My mission to find good quality items that have an interesting cut or pattern is coming on well, expect to see more of it soon!


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