Clip-on earrings

Long gone are the days where clip-on earrings are for women in their 70s or those who want the channel their inner Pat Butcher. The only safe way to buy second hand earrings is to get clip-ons, and luckily for my taste in fashion, second hand shops and vintage markets are full of tacky, gaudy jewellery that I just love. 

I’ve had these earrings for over a year now, a friend bought them for my birthday, and it was only quite recently that I rediscovered them and started wearing them more and more. My favourite thing to wear them with is skinny jeans and a cashmere jumper – a really plain outfit that makes the earrings stand out even more. Now I have shorter hair you can see them more when I wear them, so it’s been worth holding back so they get the attention they deserve.

What do you think of clip-on earrings?


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