Shopstyle: My Favourite iPad App

I’ve had my iPad for over a year now and I honestly wouldn’t be without it. It does everything I need it to, however that also means it is incredibly easy to shop online with all of my favourite stores having an easy to use app (except H&M, why haven’t they sorted it yet?!). But why use a million separate apps when there is one that does it all for you?

Shopstyle is my favourite iOS app; it is super easy to hunt down exactly what you want to buy when your regular haunts don’t have what you want. Looking for a mustard (not yellow) jumper in size 14 for under £50? Just type in what you need and Shopstyle searches a massive range of e-tailers (some of which you’ll have never heard of), and finds a huge array for you to choose from.

If you want to keep your options open, you can mark things as a Favourite and swoop through them all at a later date. This was a total lifesaver when I was freaking out about what black handbag to buy my mum for Christmas!

But the best bit about this app (and the most dangerous part!) is the Sales Alert function. Shopstyle allows you to find something you like and then get a notification when it goes on sale! Not only that, but if the price goes down even more, it will notify you again! This is a secret evil wrapped in glee and is my new biggest vice, especially at this time of the year.

Shopstyle is available on iOS and online too. Download it if your purse won’t be sorry!

(this is not sponsored or endorsed by Shopstyle and all opinions are my own)