What I Wore to…the Tate Modern

The other weekend, my boyfriend and I visited the Tate Modern, one of the galleries in London that I’d never visited. I got to bring out my new Simeon Farrar ‘Foxy’ tee that I won through a competition on Donna Ida‘s Instagram. It is absolutely adorable and I’m completely in love. I wore my ever faithful acid wash jeans and my comfy Stella McCartney for Adidas hi-tops – perfect for wandering around the city.

As for the Tate, I’ve been to events in the evening there, but I’d never been to see the controversial modern art of which it is famous for. I won’t pretend to be an art enthusiast, I know nothing about modern art, I basically like to look at something pretty regardless of whether it is publicly thought to be or not. There were some pieces there that I really loved:

Autumnal Cannablism by Salvador Dali

Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso

The Sea B by Emil Nolde

But there were some that I really did not understand. Let’s play ‘Ikea or Modern Art?’:

What are your favourite galleries to while away a rainy Sunday afternoon?