Geo Print Monochrome, Topshop Bargain Boots

Dress: Boohoo £15
Boots: Topshop

This stupid weather. Not only is it consuming every conversation I have in a frustratingly British way, but it recently made me have to say an emotional farewell to my beloved silver glitter brogues. I bought them about five years ago in the Office Christmas sale and they haven’t been waterproof for a little while now. However, they broke in spectacular fashion as I was on my way to a client meeting in torrential rain.

With shoe thoroughly detached from sole (and soul pretty detached too), I hobbled on down to Topshop Oxford Street with the aim to get any pair of shoes that went with the monochrome dress I was wearing. Two things to bear in mind here: it was the day before payday, so budget was basically non-existant, and I was going out to the theatre that night, so it wasn’t a case of grabbing any old crap to deal with the rest of the work day.

By some small miracle, I found one solitary burgundy boot in my size. A quick frantic search found the other one on the opposite side of the sale section and they turned out to be an amazing find! Reduced from £75 to £20, these are something I would have seriously considered paying full price for. By complete accident, I’ve ended up having an outfit that I really love, all thanks to crappy broken shoes!


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