Life: January 2014

One month in already! Isn’t January the longest month in the whole year? Six weeks from payday, miserable weather, everyone detoxing; it’s essentially a 31 day countdown to February. I didn’t get up to much this month, but believe me I have some big plans coming up this year and I need to keep this blog going to record it. Watch this space!

T-R: It took 24 hours and a lot of elbow grease but my apple and cinnamon rolls actually turned out really well! You can find the recipe on my Pinterest board here
T-L: This month I joined my colleagues to volunteer at a homeless shelter and it was extremely eye-opening. I heavily encourage everyone to help out at their local shelter
B-R: I’ve fallen in love with a sofa. It’s ‘only’ £10,000, would you like to buy it for me?!
B-L: My mum’s tea treats are awesome. Homemade fudge and chocolate chip cookies, banana, honey and pecan bread, and rock cakes
T-L: Delicious salt beef bagel from Nana Fanny’s in Borough Market
T-R: I finished all of Gossip Girl on Netflix. My new aim in life is to be Blair Waldorf
B-L: Dinner in one place and dessert in another – a habit I’ve got into with my wonderful friend Claire
B-R: Ultrabalm from Lush is the best thing for sore noses that have been spending too much time in tissues