It’s That Time

You know the one. Where all of sudden it’s not just the people on the periphery of your life getting engaged but your actual friends, people you genuinely care about, at a wedding that could potentially actually involve you to a greater or lesser extent. 

Yep. I’m 25 and last week my oldest friend (we’ve known each other since we were two years old) was proposed to and promptly said ‘yes’. I cannot tell you how bloody fantastic this is. They are the perfect couple, head over heels in love, and looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. The proposal was beautiful, I basically cried all evening so god knows what I’ll be like at the actual wedding. 

But my point is, this is it. Adulthood is 100% definitely here. It’s been too long since university to still clutch at those ageing straws and being a teenager was so long ago now that I genuinely pity people in the 13-19 age bracket, blissfully unaware of how bloody easy their lives are. Bastards. So being a proper grown-up and stuff, that’s the plan for me from here. I’m going to three weddings this year, my boyfriend is actually playing an active part in one of them. My housemate and I have bets on who will be next to get a rock on their finger because let’s be honest, it won’t be that long. 

I guess this is a blog-worthy topic because it’s come around so fast and because now automatically assume I will be getting engaged, well, RIGHT NOW. Expectations have started burrowing away in the minds of anyone over 25 and that puts quite a bit of pressure on those of us that are just taking every day as it comes. I’ve spent a month wandering around Australia and Hong Kong and realised that making the most of my freedom (from responsibilities like kids and mortgages, I mean) is so important to me. I almost feel guilty wanting to stay acting young for a few more years yet but my recent realisation is this: we all have our own path and happiness is key. Maybe I’ve spent too much time looking at Buddhist temples and it’s changed my outlook on life, but from now on I’m taking one day at a time and kicking the arse of adulthood FOMO right off my Facebook feed.

To all of you recently engaged folk and soon-to-be marrieds: congratulations! And remember, everyone appreciates an open bar and at least one Take That song before kicking out time.


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