Monthly Mixtape #2

The last month has rolled around so quickly, but I guess that’s always the way when you’re on holiday! I’ve been listening to so much music as I’ve been travelling around, it makes journeys go faster and wandering around less lonely. To be honest, I’m still obsessed with the songs from last month’s post but these are some of the tunes I’ve been listening to on repeat in addition to those:

Break In (Knightlife Remix) by Owl Eyes

This song has the funk essence of a disco classic and a beat that makes me wish I had an afro and platforms. It’s totally something I’d dance to in a club (if I ever went to clubs…), and is just the sort of thing I would’ve played on my student radio show back in the day. Catchy as anything!

Wide Open Space by Mansun

Ah, an old classic! This takes me back to being 16 and mixing with an oh-so-Indie crowd at The Cooper Temple Clause gigs. This is just one of those songs that everyone knows the words to, a good karaoke belter with lots of emphasis and not understanding how he catches his breath while singing really long notes. A crowd pleaser on any playlist. 

Once Upon a Dream by Lana del Rey

OK, this is a bit of an odd choice, but ever since I heard these haunting vocals over the top of the latest Maleficent trailer, I fell in love. The song is perfect for the film: an update of a classic Disney product, turned dark and spooky. It’s all about her voice in this, although the choral element and dramatic strings are suitably dramatic and just as engrossing. I cannot wait to see this film!

Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr

This guy is a friend of a friend and was introduced to me via Spotify one evening whilst I was in Sydney. The vocals are very similar to that of The Black Keys, and in fact the whole sound of this guy is reminiscent of their Rubber Factory days (their best days too, in my opinion). It’s a bit more down-and-out blues though; I imagine a dingy bar on a hot evening. Tempted to see him at his Shepherd’s Bush gig in June, I think he could become something quite special very soon.