I Want to Try This: Waitrose Frozen Herbs

Thanks to my mum for being a hand model!!

I don’t have any open space in my flat – no balcony, no windowsills, no garden. I’d love to have my own little patch to grow a few basic vegetables and herbs, but London living isn’t very accommodating where that’s concerned. My mum and nan both grow herbs and I’m so envious that they can just snip what they need for their recipes, fresh and good to go. Both of them have given me some of their homegrown cuttings and I’ve put them in my freezer in order to use at a later date. They’re always so much more delicious than the dried stuff from the supermarkets but I can’t keep nipping home everytime I fancy some fresh rosemary in my roast lamb or parsley in my fish pie.

The other day my mum spotted these frozen herbs in Waitrose and I think they could be the perfect way to get the right flavours in my cooking. There’s a huge variety and they come in pretty large packets so I think it’s definitely worth the investment. I spotted these while visiting my parents, but I think I’ll head down to my local store and pick some of these up soon.

What do you think? Would you use frozen herbs in your cooking?