Monthly Mixtape #3

This month has been a month of musical discovery: new discoveries and rediscovering songs that I’d forgotten how much I love. Excuse me while I gush at how awesome all of these songs are, and as ever you can listen to them right from this here blog post. Aren’t I helpful?

On Off On by The Cooper Temple Clause

Oh the sheer joy that coursed through me one drunken night when I got home and discovered that this wonderful, wonderful B-side was on Spotify. As a hardcore fan of The Cooper Temple Clause, I’ve been known to be one of those people that talks about the lesser known tracks with particular gusto, but really, honestly and truly, this song is so beautiful. 

You & Me – Flume Remix by Disclosure

A colleague told me about this song recently. He’d first heard it on the latest Lacoste advert and went hunting online to find the full length version. It’s not my ‘type’ necessarily, but it’s got a drop to it that you can’t help but move to. With guest vocals from Eliza Doolittle, you’d expect this to be much more twee, but it’s anything but that.

Artifice by SOHN

This song makes me want to shout as loudly as possible, ‘PLEASE GOD LISTEN TO THIS SONG’. Every month I seem to find a song that I play on repeat for large chunks of the month, and April has been the month of Artifice. I’ve featured SOHN before on Monthly Mixtape, but this new single from his album Tremors warrants more awareness of this quality talent.

El Manana by Gorillaz

An oldie but a goodie. I didn’t even realise Gorillaz had had so many singles until I found their best of on Spotify. And weirdly I knew most of the words too; they’re one of those bands that have slipped into the nation’s subconscious which is extremely rare and brilliantly clever. In my opinion, this is their best.