Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Fancy Dress Party

“It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeeeeeear!”

I’m pretty sure that song was written for Christmas and Eurovision. Both are times for stupid outfits, lots of food and alcohol-induced group singing, so they’re obviously two of my favourite holidays. This year we saw Eurovision in in style and had a party to see the wind machine and pyrotechnics accompanied by a few European beverages.

Fancy dress is an almost essential part of any Eurovision party and what’s the point in it if you take it too seriously?! Serious is not in the nature of this wonderful musical event, and my outfit cost me a grand total of £0. Any idea who I might have been supporting?! We had all sorts make an effort including the Swedish chef, Manuel from Fawlty Towers who made his Spanish speciality of sangria (special ingredient: whatever induces a massive hangover), and a UK patriot who embraced all the sequins in true Eurovision style.

I even managed to do a pretty good Conchita Wurst impression with the help of an odd sock and a GCSE in Drama enabling me to cry on the spot.

In all seriousness though, her win is an amazing step in the right direction for humanity and a huge kick in the proverbials for LGBT haters. As one of the biggest UK fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I love that drag as an art form is being embraced on a global stage. It’s more than just putting on a dress, it’s about being comfortable with who you are and being a damn good entertainer. She sums up Eurovision pretty perfectly, so bring on Vienna 2015!


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