Life: April 2014

My first full month back in the country after Australia and Hong Kong was a test of my patience. I missed being away and I resented being back to reality. But that soon cleared up when I got to hang out with some of my favourite people, eat delicious things and reacquaint myself with the fabulous streets of London.

Parting gifts from my wonderful friend before she went back to Hong Kong
Online/offline in Shoreditch
Very impressed with my boyfriend’s homemade turkey meatballs!
My gorgeous nephew is growing up so fast!

That is some mouldy cheese in Muswell Hill!
Previously mentioned Hong Kong friend and I in Dishoom
Someone else in Muswell Hill has the same sense of humour as me
Homemade banana and nutella loaves

#selfie in Shoreditch
My big sister’s awesome YSL boots
Some bank holiday bling
My head of department brought me back this Cumberbatch special from his BA flight!