Monthly Mixtape #4

This month has seen my playlist has been inspired by celebrity news stories, festival line-ups and a corker of a new release. As ever, you can follow my favourite tunes playlist, Good Things, on Spotify here and let me know what you’ve been listening to!

Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work by Solange

It was the now infamous video of Solange losing her shit at Jay-Z in a lift after the Met Gala that reminded me of how much I love this song. I’m surprised by how many people only know her as Beyonce’s sister, when she’s very much a great musician (and style icon) in her own right. If you haven’t listened to her before, this is a good place to start.

Diggers by Bitter Ruin

FINALLY Bitter Ruin have released a fully fledged album. It’s been a long time coming, but it has been worth the wait. As I said with SOHN last month, it’s so rare nowadays that I hear a new album and listen to it from beginning to end and completely fall in love, but Waves actually made me tear up when I first listened to it. The opening track Diggers is the epitome of what Bitter Ruin create: haunting, melodic and stunning. Please listen and then buy this album to support a fledgling talent that could be (and should be) a massive musical force.

Everything is Embarrassing by Sky Ferreira

It’s a mere week until I head off to Field Day, so I’ve been filling my ears with all the bands I plan on seeing. I’m super excited to see Sky Ferreira. She is reminiscent of Ladytron, with soft electronic vocals and repetitive choruses, but rather than leaning towards an industrial feel, it’s a lot more pop focused. Plus she always rocks an awesome outfit on stage, so there’s a lot of opportunities for fan girling!

Miss Alissa by Eagles of Death Metal

Thanks to that Nike World Cup advert, this song has been in my head for about two weeks straight. I have it somewhere in the depths of my iTunes, but it’s been bumped right up into my favourites on Spotify recently because it is so damn catchy. It’s frantic, high-pitched and a bit stupid – definitely something to inspire you to get through a busy tube station a bit quicker!