Columbia Road Flower Market, London


Columbia Road Flower Market is a place I have been meaning to visit ever since I moved to London three years ago. The thing is, I’ve never lived in East London (although that’s about to change), and the thought of getting up at a decent time to make the 50 minute trip was just never that appealing. But now I’ve done it, I insist you ALL GO. I am soon moving into a flat with a balcony, and the fact completely thrills me. The last two years I’ve lived in an awesome flat, but we have no garden, no balcony and some shoddy windowsills that aren’t quite robust enough to hold a decent pot plant. So clearly, I have grand ideas for my new lodgings (sssssh, don’t tell my boyfriend!) which so far have manifested themselves into a Pinterest board and not much else.

However, now I’ve wandered down the bustling crowds at Columbia Road, I want all the flowers, all the herbs and all the plants I can muster. Alan Titchmarsh I am not, but this tending to horticulture is a good step in the direction for being prepared for middle aged. I’m not quite there yet, but at least I’ll know my peonies from my poppies by the time that all kicks in. I bought myself a succulent (see second photo above) which seem to be all the range at the moment. I’ve been eyeing up terraniums in West Elm but have been scared to buy the actual plants in case I kill them instantly. The man on the stall said it’s pretty hard to do as they can be kept inside and don’t need much water, so if it lasts then that’s £4 well spent!



Columbia Road Flower Market is on every Sunday from 8am until 3pm. Make sure you take cash as well, as none of the traders and very few of the surrounding shops will accept debit or credit cards. Let me know if you go soon, we can swap green fingered tips!


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