[Food] Make My Magnum at Selfridges

One of my favourite places in London is the Selfridge’s food section. Yes, the denim department is amazing, and the rooftop bar open this Summer is pretty cool, but I love to wander around the shelves stacked with all sorts of exotic, never seen before tins and cans and bottles full of delicious mysteries. I’m definitely a taste hoarder; I see something with great packaging or a fun serving suggestion and I instantly want to buy it, regardless of whether I can actually use it or not. Having recently moved house I’ve realised how full-to-the-brim my cupboards actually are, but Selfridge’s current pop-up demands to be eaten there and then, mainly because it will melt otherwise.

The Magnum x Selfrdiges pop-up allows you to have your own custom Magnum made for you right before your eyes. First step is your toppings, and there is plenty to choose from, from pistachios and rose petals through to goji berries and brownies. You get to pick three, so I went for cinnamon sugar, meringue and edible gold flakes. 

Then you get to pick between a regular vanilla ice cream ‘base’ or an Infinite Chocolate one. I figured with all the sweet toppings I’d picked that it would be best for me to go for vanilla, despite how much I secretly wanted the chocolate one.

You can then choose to dip the ice cream in either dark, milk or white chocolate. Once the ice cream has been covered (I went for dark), the toppings are shaken over the top so that they stick to the quickly drying chocolate. It’s then drizzled in another chocolate of your choice (milk, in my case), and you’ve got your finished ice cream. And oh, I was one happy customer once I was done. I love Magnums as it is; my grandad always used to buy me one as a kid and then get angry with me when I could never finish it. This one wasn’t any different either, although in my defense I had had a massive lunch. But a Magnum with dark chocolate, covered in sweet, crunchy toppings was certainly a good way to see off a Tuesday evening. 

The Magnum x Selfridges pop-up is open until 31st August and costs £4.50 per ice cream.