Monthly Mixtape #5

I haven’t had the chance to write one of these posts for a while, predominantly because I spend bloody ages picking which songs I want to share with you. These Monthly Mixtapes are pretty personal as I think they show all facets of my personality and taste, both of which are open to scrutiny! As I’ve said before, I don’t think of myself as a musical aficionado, but what I do pride myself on is having a really varied taste, and having something to tune into whatever my mood may be. Let me know what you’ve been listening too in the comments!

Figure It Out by Royal Blood

Have you heard the Royal Blood album? WHY NOT?! You do know you can listen to it on Spotify AND read this blog at the same time right? In the first time for a long time, there is a guitar band that are taking my fancy. If you count listening to their album four times in a row a ‘fancy’…

I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James

When Etta James died last year, I listened to her ‘best of’ in memorium and realised how many classics can be attributed to her. This song is just so incredibly lovelorn and beautiful, you just don’t get songs like it now without them sounding incredibly moany and miserable. This is simple and pure and delicately gorgeous.

Introdiction by Scroobius Pip

I was livid this week when I realised that I’d missed Scroobius Pip‘s free drinks meet-up. The rapper/spoken word poet promised he’d buy a drink for everyone of his fans that turned up, to celebrate reaching 100k Twitter followers. To make up for it I’ve been listening to his solo album and it really is one of my favourite releases in the last few years. Make sure you watch the video for this too, it’s shot in one take!

Sissy That Walk – RuPaul

I did say I’m not a music aficionado! I am a HUGE fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and recently finished watching season six on Netflix. If you’ve watched it before, you’ll know that each season coincides with the release of one of Ru’s singles and this time it was Sissy That Walk. It is so god damn catchy and the video is bloody hilarious too. If you’re looking for disco tack that doesn’t take itself too seriously, whack this on before going on a night out!