Life: August, 2014

Unhealthy food, new kitchenware and celebratory drinks
My mum bought me a moving in present of an electric wok and accompanying recipe book
When left alone to pack for moving house, I resorted to pizza and gin
Christmas cupcakes were delivered to the office, a mere four months early!
Treating myself to a glass of wine on the balcony of my new flat once I’d fully finished unpacking

Old school styling, nights out and Facetimeing friends abroad 

My first favourite outfit!
Jumping on FaceTime over lunch to cheer up a poorly best friend living in Hong Kong
A night of cocktails and….cocktails in Shoreditch House
Heading out for Secret Cinema’s Back to the Future with my baby sister

 Exploring London inside and out, and having accidents in HMV

Lolz in Lazy Oaf
The beautiful view from my run up to Alexandra Palace
The equally beautiful view of Tower Bridge on my new running route since moving house
I went a bit overboard in HMV