Boopshi’s – Schnitzel and Spritz

Boopshi’s opened around the corner from my office not so long ago but it’s taken a few months for me to actually get involved. It’s advertised on a sandwich board outside that they do takeaway schnitzel burgers at lunchtime so I went with some colleagues with the full intention of getting one of these to take back to the office. Then we started looking at the menu and the excuses came out: “I HAVE had a bad day”, “It IS Friday”, “No-one ELSE is in the office.” So we grabbed a table and sat in.

The menu is uncomplicated but exciting. Lots of combinations and offers that I rarely see in London. This city is amazing for dining out, but when you’re spoiled by Mexican, Korean, Lebanese and everywhere in between, you forget that local European cuisine can be great.

We decided to order a variety of things from the menu and share, as it seemed to be what most other tables were doing. Obviously we got a schnitzel (we went for a chicken one) and a Bratwirst, and had a whole heap of sides including pickles, anchovies and an egg. My favourite was the Spatzle ‘n’ Cheese which was essentially pasta, cheese and leeks.

The biggest decision came when we ordered dessert. I knew I wanted strudel but then the predicament of custard or ice cream was presented to me and my brain went to mush. I must have made such a song and dance in front of the waiter as he was completely lovely and brought me both in case I regretted my decision! 

We didn’t experience the ‘spritz’ side of Boopshi’s (it was still a working day after all), but the Schnitzel was thin, crisp and delicious, with the Bratwurst beating ‘sausage-to-go’ places like Herman ze German hands down. There aren’t many places to eat on Tottenham Court Road, so make sure next time you’re in the area to look down the side streets to find these sorts of hidden gems.
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