What I’ve Been Eating #1

As well as my new series ‘What I’ve Been Cooking’, I wanted to share where I’ve been eating and what other things I’ve picked up along the way too. I frequently take photos of an amazing meal I’ve had, but it’s not always appropriate to whip out my phone and take pics of the whole restaurant, especially as the light is often pretty bad and my boyfriend has a go at me for not just enjoying my meal! I also trawl shops and supermarkets for new ingredients and products to try. So when I can take the odd photo here and there, but don’t have enough to write a full blown blog post, they’ll appear here. So, this is where I’ve been recently that I’ve enjoyed, and will probably go back to write more on them. I’d love to know what you think!

Quiche and salad at Tap Coffee #26


I’m totally spoilt working in Central London; there are so many places to eat that come lunch time there is so much choice I never know where to go. I refuse to go to Pret or Starbucks (for the most part) as I know there are always new places to explore. One of my first discoveries near the office was Tap Coffee, and their 26 Rathbone Place branch is extremely close to work. They’re known for great coffee (and awesome hot chocolate actually), but their food is also delicious. You can get a slice of homemade quiche and a small salad for just over a fiver – a rarity in these parts. And forget the ‘small’ tag, there’s absolutely plenty there!

No. 26, Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1JD

Eggs Benedict at Tom’s Kitchen


Tom’s Kitchen opened very recently on St Katharine’s Docks, not too far a stroll from where I live. On our return from Beijing we desperately needed a pick-me up breakfast so headed down to try it out. I love Eggs Benedict but never make it at home as I don’t like from-the-jar Hollandaise and I’ve never tried to make it (if you have a good recipe let me know!). This hit the spot, but as you can see, the portion of bacon was slightly reserved, and my side of spinach turned up late. The best bit was the freshly squeezed orange juice which cured my jetlag instantly! It’s pretty pricey for a breakfast so I’m not sure if I’d go again, but I do want to try the deli next door. Sadly it’s only open on weekdays until 6pm so I can never make it. Hopefully they’ll open it at hours more friendly for locals.

Tom’s Kitchen, 1 Commodity Quay, E1W 1AZ

Hot Spiced Apple at Costa Coffee


Two things I find difficult: rainy days and my dad. The former makes it difficult to go anywhere and the latter is pretty fussy and walks really slow, so also makes it difficult to go anywhere. We ended up perched in the Embankment branch of Costa one drizzly Saturday afternoon and had to give myself a stern talking to when I was about to plump for a hot chocolate. I wanted something hot and sweet, so the spiced hot apple was a winner. It tasted a bit medicinal the more I drank of it, but it ticked a box and was pretty tasty all-in-all. Even my fussy dad like it, so it must be good!

Costa Coffee, 17 Embankment Place, WC2N 6NN


Pork Belly at Shoreditch House


You’d think, with it being a private members’ club, that the food at Shoreditch House would blow your mind. You’d be wrong. I mean, the crackling with this pork belly was awesome, and we certainly had a massive portion, but this is a place where you go for drinks and then wander a few metres down the road into Shoreditch and embrace the masses of good restaurants on offer. Or grab a kebab, whatevs. I mean, I was stuffed, but I haven’t really saved the best til last in this particular post…

Shoreditch House, Ebor St, E1 6AW

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