Zara A/W Shoes Need to Stop Being So Good

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 1st row: Soft slipper in white £19.99 / Leather bootie with zip £69.99 / Tasselled moccasin £49.99
2nd row: Soft leather zipped bootie £79.99 / Moccasin w/ decorative band £49.99 / Leather lace-up booties £89.99
3rd row: Fringed penny loafer £49.99 / Leather bootie w/ankle strap £69.99 / Leather bootie w/chain £79.99

Tassles and buckles and chains, oh my! Can we all just take some time out of our day and tell Zara to ‘STOP IT’. I cannot deal with the level of perfection their A/W shoes are reaching. They are full of gloriously clumpy boots, metal detailing and shiny shiny leather. Normally when I write a wish list I have a vague idea of which things I could probably leave out of my shopping basket and which ones I can’t envisage my life without, but this is definitely not the case. I mean, come on. Look at the level of awesome for the moccasins and slip-ons; I can’t imagine wearing jeans without them. And every skirt I own would be ramped up a million fabulous points with a tough pair of those boots. So where to start? I think I’ll have to add a few to my Christmas list, but come payday my first options are the fringed penny loaders and the leather booties with ankle straps. It’s going to be hard to hold back…